We would like to thank everyone who supported U Game Me, our development and our games over the years. Although 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, we are inspired to continue to make strides to provide better opportunities and updates for our games and applications. We are still working hard to do better for everyone who has supported us even now. Thank you for your hope in us and your patience.

We are aware of the hardships many people have endured during these trying times from Covid19, the losing of loved ones, job losses, financial difficulties and the confronting of racial inequality. We understand the reality of these challenging times and we extend our encouragement, love and consideration to all of you.

We are working on some new projects and updates and will be keeping you informed on our progress. We’ve updated our website and will be providing news and updates through our monthly newsletters as well.

Be sure to sign up to our monthly newsletter and community for more news and update.


Thank you everyone for your support. Stay safe and be encouraged.