Steam has recently launched a new initiative called “Steam Labs”. This happy little sandbox gives users the freedom to experiment with some of Steam’s latest tools. This idea and concept is quite amazing and unique, bringing power back into the hands of its users and developers by allowing them to participate in the development process of their website and community.

Some of the features are quite inclusive like the interactive recommender that allows you to decide how niche you would prefer your search results to be. Video shorts are a welcome but I find the innovative search functions to be a step in the right direction. It would be nice to also give rewards or achievements to people who participate in the labs to encourage future involvement and activity.

Is this the future of Steam, interactive feedback? Getting feedback and learning what it is your customers want to see is very important to understanding what your customer base considers important. The tools that get the most usage can give you a broad idea what your customer base is more apt to utilize. It is an interesting concept that can grow into so much more.

Check out the Steam Labs