Team Work

The kids are growing up, facing some of the awkward scenarios you expect from maturing teens. They are figuring out who they are and how they all fit in the classic board game of Life. The team is all there but they are all facing some of the challenges of growing apart when interests begins to vary among the group. In spite of their growing differences and changes, they still all manage to come together to solve a common problem, the demogorgons.

The Plot

The story plot itself is becoming somewhat predictable and less involving than the original seasons. Expect the thrills and occasional chills from the original seasons, but over all, the plot delivers a lukewarm and safe version of what I’ve come to love about the show. Although entertaining, I did not receive any major new revelation about the demogorgons, the altered world called the “upside-down” or why this event is happening in their town. Adding Russians to the mix was somewhat cliché and safe and did not add a lot of depth to the original plot.

The Characters

The opportunities for better character development and the use of the characters true potentials were highly missed in this season. Eleven’s character never really evolved. Her abilities and her past never surfaced as an interesting plot builder. The other characters had their moments but we were never given a good explanation of how they contribute to the plot. Will Byers was a very interesting character that seemed to have a psychic connection with the “upside-down” and a closer understanding of that world. I would have like them to expand on his story and lore.


This is where the show truly shines. This is a feel good ride you’ll continue to enjoy years to come no matter your age. A lot of detail was put into recreating the 80s vibe and it makes the entire experience feel authentic and fun.


This season was all around fun and entertaining. Although this was not my favorite season, I enjoyed it none the less. I do hope they return to their roots and take more chances with the story and plot. Lucas is also an interesting character that seems to be under appreciated and utilized. I would like all of the characters to begin to develop talents and attributes unique to themselves that helps them problem solve as a team. It was still a good watch and I highly recommend the show. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it yet.