Look and feel (sound music, nostalgia, graphics): 9.5

The Division 2 looks amazing. The detail to design is exceptional and the accuracy of the city street design is very close to the real thing. Having lived in the Washington D.C area, I can say they’ve done a great job of capturing the look and feel of the actual locations. Character animations are fluid, the sound effects of weapons and explosions are quite realistic and convincing. Overall, this is a very polished game. Amazing job here. 

Mechanics (play ability, control, functionality): 9.0

The game play is fluid and the control pretty consistent. There are a few glitches, very rare but the game is quite solid and reliable. The UI and menu screens are clean and easy to navigate and I rarely experienced an unexpected crash or stall. Moving from area to area and being able to crouch, roll and engage your enemy is quite fluid. If you catch yourself “slippin”, it is usually your fault.

Fun factor (is the game fun or not): 8.8

The Division 2 is fun. The rewards and loot are very satisfying and the game is pretty balanced. As you progress, you will feel like your rewards earned from game play was worth your time and effort. New gear and loot boxes are always around every corner, not to mention upgrades and modifications that add to the overall satisfaction of putting in the work. The main story isn’t very original or captivating but the main campaign is still very engaging and fun to complete. This game is worth your time and money.

Re-play value (would you come back to play): 6.5

It’s all about the end game. Once you complete the main story campaign, the end game can get very repetitive. D2 has a lot of potential for future content and DLCs to really expand the game experience but the current end game is somewhat lack luster. I come back now and then to earn more gear but there isn’t a lot of character development that makes the end game worth re-visiting. It’s all about gear modifications, getting that rare weapon and loot, nothing here has changed. Completing missions in similar locations over and over again can become somewhat tedious and repetitive. Future additional content can easily correct the monotonous and repetitive grind associated with the current end game scenario.

Satisfaction (are you happy with your purchase): 9.0

I’m overall very pleased with my purchase. The game was worth my time and money and I would recommend it to a friend. This is a very high quality and polished game. One of the things I like most about this title is the potential for improvement and the addition of more content. I am very excited to see more content and future DLCs, I can’t wait for future updates as they will get my money easily.

Look and feel: 9.5

Mechanics: 9.0

Fun factor: 8.8

Re-play value: 6.5

Satisfaction: 9.0

Overall Average Score: 8.6

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