Agents of Aggro City Online [Inside Look]

Agents of Aggro City Online [Inside Look]

Hate Free Heroes Online is both a strategy building adventure and a character building rpg game that you can play on any web browser PC/Tablet/Phone. Your goal is to reduce the city’s aggro levels by defeating aggromites in the city while building the agency. Building the agency consists of purchasing equipment and hiring new agents which will increase the resources you gain per tick (15 minutes). You can also research new technologies, upgrade your character with new gear and advance in new medical discoveries. You can also create your own agency branch where other players can join and climb the leaderboards.


Combat is a turn based fighting style where you use your unlocked skills to defeat aggromites that are plaguing the city and causing citizens to become agitated. Every 10 victories, a major battle with a BULL-E takes place where the rewards are significantly increased. Special Meta Shards that can be crafted into crystals are earned after defeating a BULL-E which can be used in the ELITE Shop to purchase special packages. Be mindful of the city’s aggro/halo levels. The aggro in the city steadily rises with time. The higher the aggro, the less rewards earned after each encounter. As you defeat aggromites, the aggro levels are reduces and the Halo count increases which will also increase the rewards and experience earned after each encounter.


You can advance the agency by purchasing equipment and hiring new agents. After each tick (15 minutes) more resources will be earned for your character for the amount of agents and equipment you have. You must complete research to increase the amount of equipment you can purchase at a time and to unlock the equipment you would like to buy.


There are various research available that can increase your production levels. Medical advancements for character development and PVP bot technology will be available to research as you advance.


Player vs Player is available through cyber security simulations where you run sims using bot tech that you’ve unlocked to help keep your agents on their toes. You can unlock higher security clearances that will make your tech stronger as you advance through pvp,

Shops and Upgrades:

There are shops that you can visit to purchase new gear for your character. You can also add upgrades to your character’s main stats or to your gear based upon the amount of slots available for upgrades.

Quests and Missions:

There are different missions and quests you can complete that will grant you special rewards depending on the one you select. If you start or join your own agency branch, you will have missions exclusive to your agency based upon the faction you select.


Achievements are earned when you complete landmarks in the game such as leveling up your character or equipment earned etc. As you gain achievements, you gain more meta shards you can use to create crystals used in the ELITE Shop.

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