Giveaway Rules / Instructions

Rules for Developers:

*Giveaways are only for video games and must be in the form of a digital key (Steam,, Game Jolt, other)

1. You can only give one key away per request, per account. No multiple or bulk keys.

2. Do not post a key giveaway for a game more than once.

3. If you are posting info on an upcoming game, you can only post it once.

4. Do not delete a post and then attempt to re-post it.

5. Only ONE post a day. If you have a seperate game event, wait 24 hours before posting it.

6. No advertising of giveaway websites allowed.

7. You must have rights to the games you are giving keys away for (game owner, publisher).

8. You can give away Steam,, or Game Jolt keys. Make sure you include the type of key your are giving away in your description.

9. Your giveaway event can not last more than 4 weeks. You can have a "Coming Soon" game event to get sign ups before you launch the event officially. Coming Soon events can last no more than 2 weeks from the original post. After your "Coming Soon" event time ends, your official 4 week event time will begin for the giveaway and you must move it to another category.

10. If you want more visibility, upgrade your account to "boost" posts. Do not try to "game" the system. Breaking the rules could result in account suspension.

How to participate:

1. Create a topic on your profile. Select, "Key Giveaway". Make sure you select the correct category and include instructions on how to claim their key with pictures of your game. If your game offer is not yet live or if you want to promote an upcoming game, place it in the "Coming Soon" section.

2. If you want to receive a game key, post "U Game Me" + "name of game", once in the thread for the offer. (You can only request one key per offer)

3. If you are hosting the giveaway, send a private message including the game key to those who make a request.

*This market is for promoting games. If you get a game key, play the game, do not attempt to sell or trade keys. If you like a game, encourage your friends to buy it and support our developers.