Our unique opportunities for game developers includes getting your game page U Checked and added to our gaming directory.

Anyone can apply but we are most interested in games that brings awareness to social, environmental, cultural, health and humanitarian issues.

You can either become a member of our website, create your own game page and get your game voted in by our members, or you can apply directly for approval by following our instructions below.

All the benefits of getting U Checked:

1. Your game page will appear in our U Checked game directory.

2. Your game will get first front page news banner rotation (until replaced with a new game and will go down one tier).

3. Your game page will have the official U Checked logo and check mark.

4. Your game will always be in full rotation randomly displayed as a U Checked Game Page.

5. We can create your page for your game or your team can gain access to your page and moderate your comments, post news, updates and upload media.

6. We will do a full review of your game and post the game review page on our website if the game meets our expectations. (If your game does not score 7.0 or higher, we will not post a review. All reviews will be honest and thorough. We can never guarantee that a review will be posted. If your game does not meet our standards, we will still provide you the review and our observations but it will not be displayed on our website). You can always link back to your review page if your review is posted.

7. [Optional] You can run 1 game giveaway event that will be run by you but promoted by us on our website (receive website visibility).

Get U Checked!

You can apply to have your game automatically U Checked and approved by us avoiding having to be voted in by the community. There is a fee for final approval but your game must be pre-reviewed and pre-approved to be considered for placement. If your game meets our expectations and standards and is pre-approved, we will send you notification for payment to complete the final placement process ($250 for U Checked Submission). To be pre-reviewed is currently free of cost and can be done at any time.

*Please Note: Not all games will be pre-approved. Please do not send payment or attempt to send us payment unless your game has been pre-approved by UGM. We will send notification and an invoice if your game has been pre-reviewed and pre-approved to be U Checked.

What we look for in a game:

Any game can be submitted and we like all kinds of games regardless of the budget of the team. We tend to lean in favor of games with original art, a unique story or theme and great presentation. Even if you do not think your game will meet our standards, please feel free to submit it for consideration or you can join our website and get voted in by the community.

How to get pre-approved:

Contact us and submit a link to your Steam game page or press kit. Please include a brief history and email for contact.

Contact Us & Apply